Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CAL Poetry Contest - Contestant #1

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"CAL what you mean to me, without your information and helpful resources there is no telling how my standing would be.

Like time, money, and home management this is just to name a few, there is even more things that this Center for Accessible Living can to do.

Wow! What a difference CAL has made with great knowledge and great experience up to this date.

All of the services they have for those that are disabling from state to state;

This is a place to get a fresh start, when it comes to the pride in the workers they do they take it to heart.

CAL that has a passion for healing; and a change for someone with a disability having not known what to do when it comes to independent living.

Cal makes it easier for us to deal with opportunity and responsibility to exercise their rights.

Independent living is what we do to help them make their own decisions day –to- day life."

- By Stacee Spurling

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