Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CAL Has a New Look, Same Great Service

We have a new logo and a new website! This re-branding is an opportunity to refresh our discussion with the community about people who are living with disabilities and the language we use in talking about people who are living with disabilities. In many ways it is not a new vision, but a return to a lot of the traditional independent living philosophy ideas that were prevalent when the Center started. Our new tagline is “Disability Rights and Resource Center.”

Many of our materials are branded with the phrase, “Do you speak our language?” They highlight person-first language, emphasizing that words do matter. The power of labels can stigmatize, so we recognize the power of labels. Our language shapes our attitude.

By using people-first language, we're putting the person before the disability. In doing this, we hope to change how people see disabilities. We believe that disability is a natural part of life. It is not the impairment that prevents those living with disabilities from participating fully and equally in society. Rather, it is the fact that society has not taken into account the needs of persons living with a disability.

The logo reminds us of a rising sun or a lighthouse beacon. It is bright and optimistic, much like the future CAL envisions for the disability community.

Check out our new brand, logo and website at

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