Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Call Frankfort TODAY: Tell them people are more important than horses!

Dear Friend,

I have never had to ask for your help at a more serious time. I believe that if the Governor’s 6.4% cuts for the Department for Aging and Independent Living are adopted by the General Assembly, the Personal Care Attendant Program (PCAP) along with other essential disability programs may be eliminated. The Program, like many disability and aging services, has survived cuts in the past with adjusting costs at every level. It’s not a matter of crying wolf, your advocacy is necessary to keep the program – or prepare for the worst in July.

We are Kentucky’s largest minority and we have our voice and voting power.

What You Can Do: Call Frankfort EVERY DAY toll-free 1-800 -372-7181

Leave a message for: Your State Representative / Your State Senator / Representative Greg Stumbo / and Senator David Williams

“Don’t balance the state budget on the backs of disabled and elderly Kentuckians! Don’t cut lifeline services like the Personal Care Attendant Program, home care and meals!”

As the agency providing the program we can only do so much. Unless your State Representative and State Senator hear from you, your family, your caregivers, friends and Church members about how important the program is to you personally, I don’t hold out much hope.

The truth is, I need you to start calling and writing now, and keep on going until a budget is passed to help ensure that all Kentuckians with disabilities can stay independent in our communities. We need you to make phone calls every day and ask your family/friends to call too.

Thank you,

Jan E. Day, C.E.O.
Center for Accessible Living, Inc.

Talking Points

In the Governor’s proposed budget:

The criminals in Kentucky are guaranteed 3 meals a day while 19,000 Kentuckians are on waiting lists for services from the Department of Aging and Independent Living.

The Kentucky Horse Park was exempted from cuts – as it has in the past.

Apparently it’s more important for the horses and the criminals to avoid cuts than disabled and elderly Kentuckians.

Today, too many Kentuckians are waiting for basic, lifeline services to help them live in their own homes.

19,000 Kentuckians are on waiting lists for home and community based services from the Department of Aging and Independent Living.

9,000 Kentuckians are waiting for meals while criminals get three meals a day.

Many more are waiting in need of Personal Attendant Care and home care services.

Years of state budget cuts and underfunding services with home & community based services must end.

Home and Community Based Services improve quality of life and save taxpayer dollars by avoiding much more costly nursing homes.

Legislators think that Medicaid protects all people with disabilities. Tell them that many people with disabilities don't have Medicaid – and cuts will hurt them the most.

PCAP and home care services create jobs for Kentuckians and add to the tax pool.

To Find your State Representative and State Senator

After you enter your name and DOB, you’ll be redirected to a page with your voter information. You need your State Representative in Frankfort and your State Senator in Frankfort (not Federal).

Scroll all the way to the bottom and look for:

Legislative Districts / Information

House District:

Senate District:

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