Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Ed Kirby, an Army veteran and former firefighter, is currently a volunteer for the First Impression Suit Closet in Louisville. He came to CAL five years ago and is responsible for day-to-day operations of the suit closet, including maintaining inventory, collecting donations and scheduling consumer fittings.

Ed takes his duties of helping consumers look their best for job interviews very seriously. He says he wants to prepare each day to help himself be compassionate and understanding, because he wants every consumer to feel important, no matter who they are. He loves getting the chance every day to work with some of the most amazing people who have faced the same challenges he has.

While describing himself as loyal to a fault, friendly and compassionate, he also acknowledges he loves being at home. Some of his favorite TV shows include NCI S, Blue Bloods, and Person of Interest. He has an interest in sports. He also enjoys reading a daily reflection called "Faith to Faith". Ed can never leave his apartment without hope, gratefulness and compassion for his fellow man.

Muhammad Ali is a celebrity Ed once met. He would also like to have met Nelson Mandela and his grandfather together because "they cast a big shadow" for the rest of the world. If given a time machine, he would like to explore the Industrial Revolution.

Ed is exactly the type of person we are grateful to have on our team. CAL staff says "thank you" for all that he does.

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