Monday, November 8, 2010

“In Loving Memory, Angela Casey”

By Barbara Davis

CAL staff and the disability community have lost a valued friend. Angela Casey was a genuine, warm, caring and enthusiastic person who was a strong advocate for disability rights and services. Many will remember her as Pongo and Sassy’s mom. I will remember her as a friend and person whom I enjoyed working with.

When we think of Angela—and we will often—we will think of her friendliness, and we will think of how she served as a role model for those with disability. Angela lived a full and independent life despite her disabilities and health problems. She showed all of us that nothing has to stop us from making the choices that are right for us and living the life we choose to live.

Angela’s dedication to CAL’s consumers was evident in every decision she made. She constantly strived to provide services for any unmet needs in the community.

We will miss you, Angela, and we will all consider ourselves fortunate to have known you.